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The Scott Meridian Saltwater Rod is King of the Salt!


Sunset with a salwater fly fishermen casting in the sun's after glow


A four piece Scott Meridian Fly Rod

The Meridian comes in four and two piece versions.

A Scott Meridian Fly Rod

The Scott Meridian Fly Rod Series is setting the standard for saltwater fly rods.

When fishing tropical saltwater locations or when a fast action rod is required. Combating the winds while casting larger flies coupled with the need send long casts to the target is paramount. Sometimes fly fishermen have to compromise by using a fast and stiff rods. Fly rods with good feel and accuracy are often sacrificed for casting efficiency.  The new Meridian series from Scott Fly Rod Co. combines all the characteristics that the saltwater angler desires-and more. Meridian fly rods fish like a trout rods that with have superior saltwater performance built in.

The Meridian was a project of Jim Bartschi, the president of Scott Fly Rod Co and rod designer, for the last couple of years. After Scott debuted the award winning Radian freshwater rod series a year and a half ago, Jim set his sights on the salt.  The Meridian was presented at the annual ICAST/IFDT fishing tackle show in Orlando, July of 2015.  Building on the success of the Radian, the Meridian took ICAST/IFDT by storm, winning the best saltwater fly rod of the show. Scott had now successively designed and built two of the most lauded fly rods in the last few years. Scott is now making some of the highest quality, best performing fly rods built in the U S A.

I fished these rods extensively in Belize this last spring in 20-30 mph winds. This gave me a very good feel for what these rods can do. The rod loads easily, making casting short, medium or long distances almost effortless.  The Meridian deftly delivered flies in adverse conditions to bonefish, tarpon and permit under conditions that other fly rods struggled. In the end, this rod presented flies with stealth and accuracy. Because if you can’t get the fly to the fish, it’s game over in any fishing situation.

There are several things that make the Meridian a great saltwater fly rod. Its ability to load at all distances while delivering the fly accurately sets this rod apart from other rods. Coupling the positive casting aspects with this rod’s superior fish playing characteristics made sure I could get my fly to the fish and not overpower my tippet after hooking up.  These rods accomplish this with ease, using their many innovative features to make your fishing experiences better.

The Meridian is offered in the common 9’, 4 piece configuration in 6 – 12 wt. versions. There is even a 15wt. for the largest species you can chase! Scott also offers this series with some 2 piece 8 foot 10 inch rods that really make great boat rods and have immense power in the lower end of the rod.  This makes the Meridian quite different from other 9 foot fly rods for sure.

The modified Full Wells grip makes loading the rod deep a little easier. Almost effortless loading allows for tight loops and bomber casts from the Meridian. Even the redesigned slim taper down to the fighting butt eliminates a common line grabber in ‘high intensity’ situations.  Titanium stripper guides and recoil snakes make any corrosion and durability issues less of a problem. Even subtle features like the self-indexing hood and the line weight designation on the anodized reel seat add to the total fishing experience of the Scott Fly Rod Company’s Meridian Saltwater rod series.

Contributed by Dan Marshall, Scott Northwest Sales Rep.

Adapted by Sean J.

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