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The Orvis Hydros SL Is Going To Be A Tad Late..Need Options?

The Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

The Orvis Hydros SL release is delayed. Here are a couple of options.

This recall applies to the Size V Only

So the release will be delayed for a month or two while Orvis fixes the issue. The Orvis commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to their company. The flaw is very minor in the Hydros SL but Orvis has chosen to postpone the long awaited release of this fly reel to ensure that every fly fisherman who uses this great product is more than satisfied with their experience. However; if this leaves you in “Reel Limbo” we have a couple of suggestions that we at Stillwater Fly Shop are comparable to the Hydros SL.

The Lamson Guru II

The first iteration of the Guru is almost legendary in the Western U.S. fly fishing community. The Guru II possesses the same base characteristics of the original Lamson offering. The same incredible sealed drag system is still the chief component that the reel is built around. Without going into gear head mumbo jumbo, I will say that the reel starts out so smoothly that there is almost no torque. Coupling this with the unique Torrington zero-lash roller clutch gives the Guru II one of the most reliable and tested drag systems available today.

The Lamson Guru II fly reel.

The Lamson Guru II fly reel builds upon the greatness of the original Guru.

The Guru II has improved upon its father in a multitude of ways. Retrieval rate has been increased on the large arbor spool by some subtle redesigning to increase the already incredibly fast retrieval rate. There are also some wonderfully designed aesthetics that lend themselves to less reel weight and improved durability. New porting has lowered the overall reel weight without sacrificing structural integrity because of the new, most visible change- the curved cross section arbor. All of these changes have made this moderately priced reel even more durable, dependable and beautiful. This Lamson is typically Lamson, which means the Guru II and Guru II HD will be fishing with you for many years to come.

The Ross CLA

Ross Reels have been a mainstay of the fly fishing world since the introduction of their flagship reel the Gunnison. The designers at Ross carried on the company’s tradition of high quality is carried on in the CLA Fly Reel. Reasonably priced, the CLA has become a guide favorite because of its reputation for being almost indestructible. I have seen CLA’s stepped on, dropped and even driven over without being any worse for the experience.

Tough is great, but if the drag system is sub-standard then you might as well be Tenkara fishing right? Ross has built a drag that is sturdy and maintenance free. Its initial start-up torque is relatively low for such an affordable reel. The retrieval rate is more than fast enough on this large arbor spool that most anglers will probably have to get used to how fast the CLA gathers line.

The Ross CLA Fly Reel

The Ross CLA is a guide favorite because of its durability and toughness.

Fully machined aluminum alloys with excellent tolerances assures that the Ross CLA is built for time and dependability. Perfectly weighted and balanced for counterbalancing most modern fly rods makes the CLA a great choice for beginners and price conscious anglers alike. Ross has made the CLA viable for all environments and fish species which ultimately makes this the perfect multi-use reel.


If you are an Orvis guy and you are in no rush, the Hydros SL should be available in May. We can hardly wait to test it out on our local waters. However; if you are going out soon and need a comparable fly reel in price, drag system, durability and aesthetics they you have a couple of options that we can help you with here at Stillwater Fly Shop.

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