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The Abel Sealed Drag Reels Are Almost Here!

The Abel Sealed Drag reels will be released soon. Here’s the press release from Abel:

Abel believes that cork is the ultimate drag surface material; a perfect balance of strength, weight, smoothness, and heat dissipation. However, as a natural wood product, it does require scheduled maintenance for continued optimal performance.

Our 27 year history has proven that our cork drag reels work. We can back that statement up with more world records caught on Abel Reels than almost all other reels combined. We’ve traditionally relied on its simple, exposed drag design that also allows the angler to repair the, if necessary, in the field. Sounds perfect, and it still is for many anglers out there, but times change, technology changes, and the view on what was once considered “routine care” on a reel has also changed. We’ve recognized the gravitation towards a completely maintenance free sealed drag system for certain fly fishers in our industry, and over the last 4 years meticulously designed and field tested a new series of reels worthy of our Abel name.

Innovation takes time. And we took our time to do this right during our collaborative effort with famed reel designer Joe Saracione of Saracione reels. We admittedly were not sealed drag experts going in to this enormous project, but we knew that Mr. Saracione was. After calling upon his wisdom, and along with our already established engineering skills, we are now ready to introduce the Abel Sealed Drag Series Reel.

Abel Sealed Drag

Abel’s Sealed Drag Reel consists of stacked multi-disks of machined aluminum and Rulon. The aluminum drag discs are hard anodized for abrasion resistance and sparingly lubricated with waterproof grease that’s light enough to allow free motion at low drag settings, yet with enough friction protection to last throughout a lifetime of heavy drag operation. Rulon is a dependable product known for low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, wide range of operating temperatures, and chemical inertness. The anodized aluminum sealed drag cartridge, couple with a 330 degree angled cam system drag knob, features 30 detents (clicks) of adjustment for virtually infinite settings using an infallible draw bar tightening system. The innovative drag design also yields incredibly low startup inertia to protect fine tippets, while still giving plenty of power for slowing down even the fastest running fish.

Why is the Abel Sealed Drag Reel different from all the other reel “sealed” systems? Sealed drags tend to be chunky affairs; other reel manufacturers are forced to utilize wider frames and spindles just to accommodate their mass. Unlike those reels, Abel SD fits into the same narrow frame as its Super Series Narrow cousins. While other models in the industry with so called “sealed” drags systems have allowed fresh and saltwater to leak into and compromise their product, the lengthy field testing of our design has proven it to be completely waterproof. No leaking, no corrosion, no failures.

The Abel SD Series 4/5, which in solid colors is priced at $550.00, will be available on October 1 of 2014. The 5/6, at $625.00, and the 6/7, at $675.00, both in solid colors, will be available mid-November 2014. We will be accepting pre-orders for these beautiful reels beginning September 1, 2014 You can now purchase Abel Sealed Drag Reels right here.

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  • Agostino August 27, 2014, 2:31 pm

    Thats really looks good ….. its about time Abel took the lead again!!

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