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Stillwater’s Simplified Blog: Why doesn’t everyone want to KISS?

The internet needs another blog about as bad as a spey fisherman needs another spey line.  Talk about the polar opposite from simplified.  Just flip through  the 2014 RIO catalog in the Spey fly lines section titled The Joy of Spey. That would be pages 20-35 for anyone needing some assistance in finding their homework — Yes, that’s correct…15 pages of spey line data all dedicated to the world of chasing anadromous fish.


You’ll be introduced to terms like Skagit and Scandi but certainly not limited to them.  You’ll read about Skagit Max, Skagit Max Versitip, Skagit iFlight, Skagit Max Mega, Skagit Short Mega, Skagit Max shooting, Skagit MOW, Skagit iMOW, Level “T”.  You’ll also read about Scandi, Scandi Kits, Scandi Mega kits, Scandi Bodies, Scandi Versitips as well as Switch, Switch Chucker, Short Head Spey, Uni Spey, Power Spey…And last, but certainly not least, you’ll read about all your tips and tip kits – 10 and 15ft tips with color codes varying from floating to sink rates from 1.5 inches per second all the way to 8-9 inches per second.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, this is anadromous fish heaven.  To live and fish in this part of the world and not proclaim to know everything about the Joy of Spey teeters on the edge of fly fishing blasphemy.  It is  likely very similar to being a fisherman living in Florida and not being immersed in the world of Tarpon.  These are just ways of life for fisherman in these regions.


In today’s technology driven world, more often than not,  the goal of technology is to simplify our lives.  That is to say to make things easier, not more difficult.   Smart phones, tablets, laptops, apps are all designed with the intent to help us make life simpler and easier.  We can accomplish things on the go at the touch of our fingers that just a few years ago would never have been possible and would have required far more of our time.  Whether they actually simplify our lives or make them more hectic and busy is room for another debate entirely.

The webster’s dictionary describes the verb “simplify” as this:  to make (something) easier to do or understand.  It gives the full definition as:  a) to make simple or simpler  b) to reduce to basic essentials  c)  to diminish in scope or complexity d) to make more intelligible

Keep it simple Stupid

KISS is a well known acronym originally coined by Kelly Johnson, a lead engineer at Lockheed in 1960.  Did you know that it was used as a design principle for the US Navy. The KISS principle believes that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated.  Simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

At Stillwater, we agree in simplification.  Most of our lives are busy enough.  Hobbies are suppose to be what we do to get away from the complexities and stresses of life.  It’s an opportunity for us to spend some time enjoying the finer things in life and maybe, just maybe, even relaxing.  With that in mind, we hope this forum allows us to share some of our ideas and knowledge with you with the common goal of making things “Simplified”.

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