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Sitka Gear Updates For Fall/Winter 2014

Sitka has released several new products for 2014, as well as overhauling several others – let’s take a look.

New for 2014: The Grinder Pant.

Sitka Grinder PantNot all waterfowl hunting happens in miserable conditions – sometimes the sun is out and the temperatures are up. Don’t be left sweating it out in your late season Sitka Bibs built for the toughest conditions. The new Sitka Grinder pant is built for cool mornings and sunny days. Leave the Boreal Bibs at home and enjoy yourself in a lightweight, breathable pant designed for the early fall waterfowl hunter.

As usual, Sitka thought of everything. The Grinder pant is built with a slim fit so when the conditions get worse you can use them as a “buttery smooth insulation piece.” These pants work a double shifts as an out layer and insulator.
For you folks who are predator hunters in the off season, don’t overlook the waterfowl camo as a great way to conceal yourself in dried grass and bushes. Although Waterfowl Optifade is designed for waterfowl eyes, Wile. E Coyote sees like you and I. In the golden grass of Eastern Oregon and Washington you will blend right in.

Sitka Field Sitka Optifade Waterfowl

New for 2014: Early Season Whitetail Jacket
Sitka ESW Jacket
The 90% jacket in Forest is gone, but here comes the all new Early Season Whitetail (ESW) Jacket. With a stretch woven soft shell face fabric, this jacket is everything you have ever dreamed about when it comes to hunting and scouting in the early fall and late summer. Lightweight, ultra-breathable and silent make this the perfect ambush outer layer. The ESW jacket may be light but it is also tough enough to handle all the underbrush that is still in full bloom. Four way stretch and articulated patterning give you a full range of motion and no bunching when you draw your bow. If you hunt early or in an area that does not see really low temperatures, this jacket is for you.


Updated for 2014: Coldfront Jacket & Bib

Sitka Coldfront Bib
When any manufacture comes out with new rain gear, what is the first test you give it? You put it between your hands and rub it against itself to see how much zip, zip, zip noise you are going make when you walk around in this “quiet rain gear.” Enter the all new Coldfront jacket and Coldfront bib pant for 2014.
The Jacket stays with 3-layer GoreTex and micro fleece backing like in 2013. The improvements come in a longer tail with a heavy duty section of polyester to keep you dry when you are sitting on a horse, ATV or ridgeline.
The pant bib has a high back now that will keep rain and wind from finding its way in. For 2014 the pant bib comes with suspenders and a fit that will give you a better range of motion without bunching up or creating pinch points.
The Coldfront System was the go-to system for the mountain hunter and it comes back in 2014 more prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you this season.

New for 2014: Blizzard Parka and Bib

Sitka Blizzard Parka Sitka Bizzard Bib

The main event for 2014 is the all new Blizzard system. Built with water resistant 650 fill power duck down blended with PrimaLoft® ultra-fine denier fibers and GORE-TEX® Laminate; talk about protection from weather! This system is built for the Canadian Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska. When you are on the hunt of a lifetime and heading back is not an option, the Sitka Gear Blizzard System will keep you on the hunt.

The Sitka Blizzard Parka and Sitka Blizzard Bib combo will keep you warm while you ride in on horseback or for those long days behind the spotting scope. This system is a water proof down sleeping bag built to keep you warm no matter how low the temps drop. The warmest system available in Open County that is made to keep you toasty warm in low temperature, low activity situations.

Not sure which system is right for you? We can help you figure it out. You can chat with us or give us a call at 877-598-7322.

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