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Top 12 Fly Fishing Photos From Our Spring Contest

The fly fishing photo submissions for our contests continue getting better and better. There were so many great pictures of freshwater and saltwater fish in so many great locations that we wanted you to see them. Our only regret at Stillwater is that we couldn’t post all 167 pictures. Thanks go out to all of our entrants. Tight [click here to read more]


Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners

little boy and his father holding a brown trout

So You Want to Give Fly Fishing a Try. Good Decision You already know you want to want to try fly fishing, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Fly fishing is fun. Fly fishing is highly rewarding. Fly fishing is challenging. If you’re acquainted with any fly fishermen, you know they’re passionate about the sport [click here to read more]

Two men fly fishing in a creek in a meadow

There are many reasons fly fishermen brave the weather, travel around the world and spend large sums of money on rods and reels. Here are photos of some of the reasons that we sometimes forget as anglers. Please Visit Us At Stillwaterflyshop.com  For All Your Fly Fishing Gear Needs! Why We Fly Fish….. Stillwater is glad you [click here to read more]


“Trout fishing.” Just saying the words often brings a smile to the face of a seasoned fisherman. Maybe that’s because trout fishing is actually two sports, hunting and fishing. The hunting part involves finding and stalking the trout, the fishing part involves getting these sly, wary fish to bite your fly. It’s man against trout [click here to read more]


Douglas Outdoors has put a new rod at the top of my fly fishing gear wish list. The crew at Stillwater Fly Shop tested three of the new Douglas Sky Series rods this morning the second they arrived. After hearing how the Sky rods performed recently in the Bahamas from George Anderson we couldn’t wait [click here to read more]


  Fly Fishing Is Addictive: Why It’s a Good Thing The short answer is: fly fishing is good for you, good for the world, and it makes everyone a better human being. Not buying it? Keep reading. As you know, addictions are generally bad. And make no mistake, fly fishing can be very addictive—but in [click here to read more]

The Plan D Articulated Fly Box

We have all opened up our fly box in that moment of excitement or desperation and found a big wad of fur and feathers balled up in the corner. Finding a good fly box, particularly one that keeps large streamers and tube flies in order has been a quest of mine for years. Finally, I [click here to read more]

Man using a Spey rod to fish for steelhead in the North Umpqua River

Steelhead fishing is in full swing on the North Umpqua river, pardon the pun, and Stew at Stillwater has been pretty much living on this mythic Oregon Steelhead river lately. Winter steelheading with a fly rod requires patience, iron will and the proper gear. Stew was kind enough to put together a list of the [click here to read more]

Girl sitting on the bow of a drift boat

Spring is upon us….and now fly fishermen are getting greedy for the coming days of wet wading and casting PMDs and Caddis flies at fat, happy trout. Here is a little taste of what we are all waiting for at Stillwater Fly Shop. Enjoy this fly fishing day dream of summer! Please Visit Us At Stillwaterflyshop.com  For [click here to read more]

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Fly fishermen are into aesthetics. We field phone calls and emails every day from anglers who are more concerned about their fly reel matching their Winston BIIIx or Hardy Wraith or whatever fly rod they use. Actual reel features like a sealed drag, the anodized aluminum or weight are often secondary reasons for selecting a [click here to read more]

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