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Half Of A Fly Fishing Summer In Pictures

Fly fisherman looking at a summer sunset

Summer is a time of fleeting moments for all fly fishermen. The finite days of sun that define a season of dry flies, feeding fish and wet its course so rapidly that halfway through it is time to take stock. There have been tarpon and trout pursued in magical places. New fly rods and used [click here to read more]

man standing in the deschutes river fight a trout

Disagreements over what is the perfect rod for European nymphing, Czech nymphing or any type of advanced nymphing (whatever “advanced nymphing” is) have raged since anglers figured out that fish feed under the surface of the water 80% of the time. There have been literally hundreds of rods designed specifically for nymphing. Most have been [click here to read more]

A man wading in a small stream as he fly fishes for trout.

Everyone needs to take a breather from time to time, and fish are no different. Just as you might rest a moment during a long hike, fish take shelter from the quicker currents alongside midstream rocks. That’s why when you're fly fishing, you need skill and technique to effectively present flies to fish that may be [click here to read more]


How many times have you lost your footing or slipped your grip when reeling in a big fish? No one ever wants to tell the story about “the one that got away,” so it’s essential that you’re prepared with more than muscle alone — you’ve got to have the right skills and technique to bring [click here to read more]


As Stillwater Simplified continues to grow in popularity with anglers and non-anglers around the world we thought it would be a great idea to give our fans a list of our most read posts and other blogs. Fly fishing is a sport that has a myriad of different facets that draw people to it for [click here to read more]


If only getting a nymph right in front of a trout’s nose was as simple as sinking it, right? Many fishermen claim to have fool-proof strategies for getting the fly down to the fish, but we all know that varied weights and water conditions affect where trout bite and how eager they are to take [click here to read more]


Do you like reading about fly fishing? Does the latest gear or technique pique your interest? Have you given up trying to find out about the latest techniques, gear, destinations or stories on the interweb because of the jumble of useless information that has invaded the digital world? Me too! Unfortunately; the web is full of [click here to read more]

Woman and man holding a large Brown trout in an Icelandic river.

Simply touching these sumptuously crafted reels, most anglers can tell that they are cradling a reel like none other. Designed originally for pursuing Atlantic Salmon through the volcanic fjords of Iceland, the Einarsson Plus reels were soon being coveted by discerning fly fishermen throughout the world for other freshwater and saltwater species of fish. Now [click here to read more]


Top 12 Fly Fishing Photos From Our Spring Contest

The fly fishing photo submissions for our contests continue getting better and better. There were so many great pictures of freshwater and saltwater fish in so many great locations that we wanted you to see them. Our only regret at Stillwater is that we couldn't post all 167 pictures. Thanks go out to all of our entrants. Tight [click here to read more]


Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners

little boy and his father holding a brown trout

So You Want to Give Fly Fishing a Try. Good Decision You already know you want to want to try fly fishing, or you wouldn't be reading this. Fly fishing is fun. Fly fishing is highly rewarding. Fly fishing is challenging. If you’re acquainted with any fly fishermen, you know they're passionate about the sport [click here to read more]

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