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Our 10 Most Read Fly Fishing Posts Up To Now

As Stillwater Simplified continues to grow in popularity with anglers and non-anglers around the world we thought it would be a great idea to give our fans a list of our most read posts and other blogs. Fly fishing is a sport that has a myriad of different facets that draw people to it for various reasons. When we original started the blog we wanted to appeal to all anglers, from neophyte to expert, with compelling original content that captured the essence of the sport through words and pictures. Over time we have had more hits than misses when it came to relevant topics and stories that we were passionate about sharing. Here are the 10 most read articles and stories from Stillwater Fly Shop’s blog Stillwater Simplified.

The Most Read Fly Fishing Posts (Up To Now)

Fun Questions That Drive Fly Fishing Guides Insane

Excerpt – “Fishing guides can get somewhat surly after an endless summer or fall of wading or rowing. Long days being battered by the elements, tough fishing or even tougher clients can literally suck the life-force from a guide’s body. What suffers even more as a season progresses is the guide’s psyche…” Look At The List

Switch Rods: When to Switch, and when not to Switch?

Excerpt “George Cook is our rep for Sage, Rio, Redington and Sitka. We asked George to help us shed some light on using Switch rods – here’s what he had to say:

Why should you consider a switch rod?

It is a fascinating tool with many uses that offers advantages over a single handed rod that are simply unrivaled.  It will provide you with a multi-faceted tool that can span a broad spectrum of uses, from Baby Spey to Beach Bomber, Nymph Stick to Soft Hackle Sweeper….” Read More Here

Top Ten Pictures(+1) From Stillwater Fly Shop’s Holiday Photo Contest

Excerpt “We would like to thank all of the 150+ entrants for

A woman fly angler with an Atlantic Salmon kneeling in a river with her Spey rod balanced on her shoulders

The Winner!!!

the wonderful photos. Be sure to follow Stillwater Fly Shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for information on our next photo contest…..” See The Rest

Winston Boron III LS Fly Rod Review

Excerpt – “Over the course of the last two months Stew and I have had the unique pleasure of fishing this particular rod. There was a lot of hype at how good this rod was and since neither of us had fished one, we thought it was time to change that.

It all started with a trip to Chickahominy Reservoir, a couple months ago, to fish for larger high desert trout.  After a 100 mile, one way trip east of Bend, Oregon, we arrived at “chick” and strung up our rods….” Continue On

8 Things That Shouldn’t Happen On Boat Ramps

Excerpt- “Boat ramps seem to be the migratory gathering places of a subspecies of human that by some flaw in Darwin’s Theory have managed to survive and propagate. This special breed A white pickup half under water with men standing around itof human stokes a cauldron of confusion, anger and ignorance that almost always boils over on most ramps. Impossible to discern after infiltrating groups of fly fishermen, trollers, water skiers or sightseers this subspecies is almost invisible until you try to launch a boat….” Read More Here

Three Fly Lines You Haven’t Thought About

Excerpt – “It is soon going to be time to get rid of the old floating fly line that you have been patiently fishing. Watching your #22 Griffith’s Gnat slowly pulled under the surface by a line that has become an intermediate sinking line can be frustrating.  So here are a few suggestions for new floating lines that cast, float and fish exceptionally well…. “Read Further

Secret Spots

Excerpt – “A few years ago on a colorful late fall afternoon on the Clearwater River in Idaho I had a choice presented me that I think that we are all faced with at one time or another as anglers. the presence of a midstream rock. This rock had been very, very good to me over the last 20 years….” Enjoy More Of The Story Now

Why Not To Be Loyal To Your Favorite Fly Fishing Brand

Excerpt – “Fly fisher people are creatures of habit. This trait makes most anglers extremely brand loyal, sometimes to a point of extreme ridiculousness. I have seen Tom and Brycefishermen virtually come to blows streamside because of brand sensitivity, once having to step between two guys in their late 60’s….” >Click Here To See What Happens Next

Pretentious and A Bobber-This Must Be About Fly Fishing

Excerpt – “I am surprised the term “pretentious” in Webster’s Dictionary isn’t accompanied by a picture of a fly fisherman. Battling this stereotype has become my personal windmill to joust here at Stillwater Fly Shop. Unfortunately there are some writers and “old school” anglers who perpetuate this ideal….” Enjoy More Here

Spawning Trout and Doing The Right Thing

Excerpt – “There has been a disturbing trend lately of posts, pictures and mentions of people fishing to trout that are lying on redds and how to do it effectively. The average knucklehead knows how easy it is to catch a trout in the throes of passion.Unfortunately, spawning season is seen by some fishermen as a time to pillage big fish that are seldom seen and even harder to catch…” Read More About Ethics Here

There are many more articles and stories about fly fishing gear and experiences on the water that you might enjoy reading. Take a little while to check the other offerings in Stillwater Simplified and you will find that a little time turned into a lot. Thanks for reading and we would love to hear your ideas about future topics. Tight Lines!

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  • candoman999 July 31, 2016, 9:55 am

    Great Photos

  • Crazy4Carp August 3, 2016, 10:33 am

    Really enjoy the versatility of the Sage VXP 5 wt I purchased from Stillwater. Looking forward to many new fishing adventures with it!

    • Sean Johnson August 3, 2016, 10:44 am

      That is one of my favorite all time rods!! You will love it..

  • Sam Jansen November 14, 2016, 11:04 am

    Always A Good Day has great articles too!

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