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Introducing Patagonia’s New Nano-Air™ Jacket and Hoody

The new Nano-Air™ Jacket and Hoody deliver the ultimate insulation link-up: four-way stretch plus breathability. By placing synthetic FullRange™ insulation between a light-yet-durable shell and liner fabrics, we have created a Patagonia-exclusive insulated product unlike anything else out there.

Nano-Air™ is in a league of its own offering excellent temperature regulation, unrestricted movement, and can be worn continuously during an aerobic, start-stop mountain mission. Put it on and leave it on.


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Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody in Tempest PurpleFullRange™ Insulation
FullRange Insulation is a proprietary multi-denier synthetic fill insulation made from several different types of polyester fibers, developed by Toray Mills in Japan. It’s built in much the same way as traditional fill insulation, but has a proprietary element that gives it added stability against fiber migration, and allows for great stretch and recovery. Utilizing a blend of hydrophobic fibers that repel moisture, FullRange™ insulation will maintain its warmth and loft when wet, and dries fast.

Shell: 1.3-oz 20-denier 100% nylon ripstop with mechanical stretch and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.
Lining: 2.0-oz 50-denier 100% nylon plain weave with mechanical stretch and a DWR finish.
Insulation: 60-g FullRange™ 100% polyester stretch insulation.

Nano-Air™ Hoody: M’s 385g (13.6oz) | W’s 351g (12.4oz)
Nano-Air™ Jacket: M’s 354g (12.5oz) | W’s 315g (11.1oz)

ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY of the Nano-Air™ Series

  •  60g FullRange™ Insulation warms, stretches and breaths all the live-long day. That means less messing with layers.
  • 100% nylon ripstop shell and the plain weave liner also have full mechanical stretch and incredible breathability (40 CFM)
  • a DWR (durable water repellent) finish sheds light precip in moderate conditions
  • in burlier or wetter conditions, slip a lightweight hard shell over the Nano-Air to crank up the heat and protection
  • iconic brick quilting on sides for shape and durability
  • helmet-compatible hood for extra warm (hoody only)
  • full-length zipper has wicking interior storm flapand a chin-friendly zipper garage
  • all pockets are zippered, low-bulk and pack- and harness-compatible
  • simple stretch binding at cuff pushes up constricting the forearms
  • dual-adjust drawcord hem seals in heat

Nano-Air v. Nano Puff


What makes the Nano-Air™ Jacket and Hoody so different?

Nano-Air™ garments have the same insulative and protective elements as most traditional synthetic insulation garments, but offer the added benefits of unprecedented breathability and mechanical stretch. A Nano-Air™ garment is incredibly breathable, allowing airflow up to 40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) while still maintaining warmth, and it stretches to allow full range of motion. These unique characteristics stem from the FullRange™ insulation. Structurally more stable than most synthetic fill insulations, FullRange™ insulation can be paired with shell and liners that have a more open weave. The result is a garment you can put on and leave on for an entire day of high-output movement, with far fewer layering change-ups.

What is FullRange™ insulation made of?

FullRange™ insulation is a multi-denier synthetic fill insulation made from several different types of polyester fibers. It’s built in much the same way as traditional fill insulations, but has a proprietary element that gives it added stability against fiber migration, and allows for great stretch and recovery. Our Nano-Air™ garments use a lightweight, 60-gram insulation weight for versatility and more layering options in a wider range of temperatures.

Will FullRange™ insulation keep me warm if it gets wet?

Yes. Like most synthetic fill insulation, FullRange™ insulation uses a blend of hydrophobic fibers that repel moisture, so that if it becomes wet, it will maintain its loft and warmth, unlike down. FullRange™ insulation will also dry much faster than a garment using conventional natural fibers. Additionally, the shell and liner materials of a Nano-Air™ garment have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

What’s the best use for the Nano-Air™ Jacket or Hoody?

The Nano-Air™ garments are ideal for high-output, start-stop activities where you’re generating serious body heat and moisture but don’t want to be changing layers all the time. Its protective outer shell has a DWR finish to repel precipitation, so that it can be worn as your outermost layer in all but the worst conditions. It stretches to allow for full range of motion, and it breathes to eliminate the swamp factor.

How is the Nano-Air™ Jacket or Hoody with FullRange™ insulation different from the Nano Puff® Jacket or Hoody with Primaloft® ONE insulation?

The biggest difference is that the Nano-Air Jacket and Hoody offer unprecedented breathability and stretch. Both Nano-Air™ and Nano Puff® garments have a protective outer shell with a DWR finish to protect from precip. Nano-Air™ garments are highly wind resistant while Nano Puff® garments are windproof. They both utilize a 60-gram insulation weight with warm-when-wet characteristics, but the Nano Puff® collection is slightly more compressible. Nano-Air™ garments have mechanical stretch that allows a full range of motion in a slim fit, while the static Nano Puff® silhouettes require a regular fit. A Nano-Air™ garment is best as an insulating layer worn throughout the day for dynamic activities when you’re on the move, generating heat and moisture in chilly conditions—approaching, climbing, ski touring, free-riding. A Nano Puff® garment is best as a lightweight insulating layer that stows in self-stuff pocket (with clip-in loop) and can be pulled on during periods of low activity or cold or windy conditions—belays, windy summits and ridges, shady exposures.

How does the Nano-Air™ Jacket or Hoody compare to other Patagonia® insulation products?

Down is nature’s best insulator for its weight and extremely compressible, but it loses its loft and ability to insulate when it gets wet. Therefore, a Down Sweater or Ultralight Down Jacket will be warmer for its weight, more compressible, and windproof, while a Nano-Air™ garment will offer stretch, breathability, warm-when-wet properties and wind resistance. Both offer a protective outer shell with DWR finish to shed light precip. Regulator® fleece products will be more stretchy, more breathable, and often more compressible than Nano-Air™ products. However, fleece does not protect against wind, precip or abrasion, making them better as midlayers. A Nano-Air™ Jacket or Hoody, with its protective outer shell, can protect against wind, precip and abrasion, making it more versatile as either an outerlayer in most conditions, or as a midlayer in extremely cold, windy or wet conditions.

How does a Nano-Air™ garment work in a layering system?

A Nano-Air™ garment is the ideal ‘crosslayer’—it works extremely well as both a midlayer and an outerlayer. As a midlayer under a shell, the Nano-Air™ garment will insulate, breathe and stretch in extremely cold, windy or wet conditions. As an insulating outerlayer, the Nano-Air™ garment’s exterior shell with DWR (durable water repellent) finish sheds light precip, cuts wind and resists abrasion in the majority of outdoor conditions. This unique balance of characteristics make it incredibly versatile in any layering system and may change the way you dress for the mountains.

If a Nano-Air™ garment breathes so well, should I be concerned about getting cold?

The exclusive combination of FullRange™ insulation, liner and shell make Nano-Air™ garments much more versatile than most insulation garmnets for a wider spectrum of temperatures. During periods of high exertion, the Nano-Air™ garment will allow hot air and moisture to escape, preventing you from becoming overheated and wet. During periods of low exertion, the garment’s slim fit and 60-gram insulation hugs the body and continues to insulate very well. In super windy, cold conditions, or periods of prolonged inactivity, you can layer on a light windproof shell (i.e. Alpine Houdini® Jacket) for total protection and heat retention.

Does FullRange™ insulation use any recycled or bluesign®-approved materials?

Performance and quality were our primary objectives for the introduction of FullRange™ insulation, and although the material is recyclable, it does not include recycled or bluesign®-approved materials at this time. However, we continue to work with our material partners to develop future iterations of FullRange™ insulation that would incorporate recycled materials and gain bluesign®-approved status while meeting or exceeding our current performance and quality standards.

How should I care for my Nano-Air™ garment?

A Nano-Air™ garment can be laundered at home in your washer and dryer just like most of your apparel. Wash in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry soap (non-toxic, biodegradable types preferred); tumble-dry on low heat to reactivate the DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

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