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Introducing the New Sage Fly Rods for 2016

Available August 2015

With the completion of the European EFTTEX Show it is now time to provide an initial introduction to the new Sage Rods for 2016.  At the National Sales meeting in early June, we had the opportunity to view and cast all of these fine new fly rods. Below, please find a series of short introductions to each of these brand new rod families.

MOD: New For 2016

Sage Mod 1

Sage Mod2MOD meaning MOD-ern MOD-erate Action features a taste of yesteryear brought forth with today’s technology. Utilizing the now legendary Konnetic platform these truly moderate action rods are not your dad’s old fly rod but rather a high performance series that lives and breathes through a truly soulful experience.  A classic reborn.

Five 9 foot  4 piece models from 2 thru 6 weight along with 2 focused  Pacific Northwest Steelhead Spey Rods, (6130-4, 7130-4)-Jade Blank Color


MSRP $850 single Handers

MSRP $1050 Two Handers

BOLT: New for 2016

Sage Bolt 1

Sage Bolt 2Driving winds and long distances call for high line speed and quick recovery.  Enter the BOLT, Joining our Generation 5 technology family to compliment last year’s award-winning medium-fast action Accel.  The ultra-fast action of the BOLT makes high line speeds and tight loops easier, giving you confidence in your cast in the most demanding conditions.  Available in five 9’ 4 piece models in 4 thru 8 weights.-Salmon Fly Blank Color

MSRP $650

PULSE: New for 2016

Sage Pulse 1

Sage Pulse 2The heir apparent to the Response series the pulse is Sage’s newest fast action family of fly rods.  Graphite 3e technology ensures power and durability, providing fast action performance in a connected feel.  The PULSE will prove to be your workhorse, from freshwater to saltwater, single hand, switch, or spey, there is a rod in the PULSE family for every adventure.  Featuring 14 single handed models from 3 thru 8 weights, along with a pair of both Spey and Switch rods in the all-important 7 and 8 weight category-Lichen Blank Color


MSRP Single handed $450

MSRP Switch (7114-4, 8114-4) $550

MSRP Spey (7130-4, 8136-4) $650


The Little Ones: New for 2016

The SAGE TXL-f series has come to a close, with this end comes a new beginning here in the form of, “The New Little Ones” with 5 models featuring an 8’2” length in 0-4 weight.  The big news here is that this small ball collection is built on the Konnetic technology platform and like its big brother, the ONE series provides un-paralleled accuracy and line control.  That feeling found in the world’s most accurate fly rod now is found in the delightful “Little Ones.”

MSRP $850

One Trout Spey: New for 2016

The new One Trout Spey features the One Rod Storyline bringing premium performance through the Konnetic platform to the Small Spey World (2109-4, 3110-4).  We recently had the good fortune to put the 3110-4 to the test on Alaska’s Kenai River taking rainbows to 22”.  These rods are perfectly matched with RIO’s Skagit MAX Short (Swing Game), small sized Switch Chucker’s, along with the brand new specialized Skagit Trout Max (Some Swing Mostly Streamer Strip), and Small Scandi Tapers.  Whether you find yourself swinging a soft hackle on the Deschutes or Madison, a fall quest for Sea run Cutthroat in the Pacific Northwest or swinging streamers for Trout both near and far you have your tool in the ONE Trout Spey.

MSRP $1050

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