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2014 Sandy River Spey Clave

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This last weekend, Stew and I (Paul) had the great pleasure of escaping work so we could visit one of the largest congregation of Spey instructions in the world.  We only had one day to devote to this so we headed over early Friday morning and stayed for about 8 hours.

During that time we visited most of our main vendor booths [which all had multiple rods setup that you borrow and then walk 200 yards to the river and try out].  We talked with a bunch of people about the sport we love and watched five great instructors [Eric Neufeld, Mia Sheppard, Zack Williams, Jeff Putnam and Adrienne Comeau] who were teaching various topics, while knee deep in the Sandy river. 
Over the course of the three days they had 28 individuals each giving 30 minute instructions!

This was my first time at the event and Stew’s “umpteenth”.  As we drove the 3 hour trip back to Bend, Oregon, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the level of organization this event displayed all the while housed in the beautiful Oxbow State park.

This year they had approximately 30 instructors to cover the 150 students who signed up for the beginner class.  These instructors all have pedigrees usually only seen at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Oh did I mention it was free!

Next year I will be staying at least two days and I think I will be taking them up on a beginner’s class as I am sure I will pick up some great tips to help me catch more steelhead!

Check out some of the pictures, and if your eyes get all sparkly when talking about the Spey world, then mark your calendar for next year and make the trek to Portland/Sandy Oregon for the special three day event! 
After that drive a few hours to Sunriver Oregon and visit with us at Stillwater.
“Keep your D loop Anchored”

Here is a quick list of the instructors, unfortunately I probably missed a few. 

Mark Bachmann

Adrienne Comeau

George Cook

Jerry French

Klaus Frimor

Simon Gawesworth

Scott Howell

Dwight Klemin

Tom Larimer

Eric Neufeld

Donna O’Sullivan

Marty Sheppard

Brian Silvey

Charles St. Pierre

Brian Styskal

Tyler Kushnir

Josh Linn

Travis Johnson

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