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How Worms Made Me A Fly Fisherman part II

Stream running through a mountain canyon

The Adams was freed from the plastic packaging that was labeled “Two Dozen of the Best Trout Flies Ever.” There was a smattering of fluorescent streamers, random nymphs and dries with hackles resembling afros for the bargain price of $3.99. It didn’t matter what they were really, because I only knew the names of two [click here to read more]

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Top 12 Fly Fishing Photos From Our Spring Contest


The fly fishing photo submissions for our contests continue getting better and better. There were so many great pictures of freshwater and saltwater fish in so many great locations that we wanted you to see them. Our only regret at Stillwater is that we couldn't post all 167 pictures. Thanks go out to all of our entrants. Tight [click here to read more]

Two boys standing in a stream looking at flies to fish with . They are surrounded by the forest.

When you are a 12 year-old fisherman there is no admitting that you have one of the worst cases of undiagnosed cases of scoleciphobia in the world. Instead, your inherent fear of worms and the naïve romanticism of youth a gravitational force pulls you into the world of fly fishing. After commandeering an old Shakespeare [click here to read more]


Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners

little boy and his father holding a brown trout

So You Want to Give Fly Fishing a Try. Good Decision You already know you want to want to try fly fishing, or you wouldn't be reading this. Fly fishing is fun. Fly fishing is highly rewarding. Fly fishing is challenging. If you’re acquainted with any fly fishermen, you know they're passionate about the sport [click here to read more]

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Wading boots next to the Crooked River

It never fails that I forget something when I go fishing. Usually it isn’t something truly important like a fly rod or reel. What I do forget is something that would have made my limited time on the water a little more enjoyable. Most of the time it isn’t something that is considered traditional fly [click here to read more]

Two men fly fishing in a creek in a meadow

There are many reasons fly fishermen brave the weather, travel around the world and spend large sums of money on rods and reels. Here are photos of some of the reasons that we sometimes forget as anglers. Please Visit Us At Stillwaterflyshop.com  For All Your Fly Fishing Gear Needs! Stillwater is glad you enjoyed these photos. Dreams [click here to read more]


“Trout fishing.” Just saying the words often brings a smile to the face of a seasoned fisherman. Maybe that's because trout fishing is actually two sports, hunting and fishing. The hunting part involves finding and stalking the trout, the fishing part involves getting these sly, wary fish to bite your fly. It's man against trout [click here to read more]

man tying on a fly while sitting in a drift boat

We are guilty of doing silly things on and off of the water. I fish with lots of different people, some very experienced and some not. My assortment of fishing companions exhibit a commonality of head scratching goofy habits that make me wonder how they get along in the modern world. I am as guilty [click here to read more]

Jumping tarpon

Fly fishermen, particularly ones new to the sport, seem to ask; "Does tippet matter? Fluoro or mono? When, where and why? Test and diameter?” I have been involved in arguments, for and against, that have gone on well past the bottle being empty. Stated simply, both have their time and place of use. Sometimes they [click here to read more]

A pair of spawning Brown trout

There has been a disturbing trend lately of posts, pictures and mentions of people fishing to trout that are lying on redds and how to do it effectively. The average knucklehead knows how easy it is to catch a trout in the throes of passion. Unfortunately, spawning season is seen by some fishermen as a [click here to read more]