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On the cusp of Joe Saracione’s recent release of the Mark V sealed drag reel, Joe and Delores Saracione sent out an announcement to all of their dealers indicating they will no longer provide sales service to dealers, but will sell direct retail via the internet. The main reason?  Lifestyle change.  Joe and Delores have… [Click Here to Read More]

Winston Boron III LS

Winston III LS – A modern light line series rod Over the course of the last two months Stew and I have had the unique pleasure of fishing this particular rod. There was a lot of hype at how good this rod was and since neither of us had fished one, we thought it was… [Click Here to Read More]

Winston Boron III TH-MS

Winston sent out this press release announcing the addition of this series of two hand rods to their already establish spey and switch rods lineup.  At the time of this release it is unknown when they will be available. Tight Lines Paul The New WINSTON BORON III TH-MS MICROSPEY® rods are an innovative addition of… [Click Here to Read More]

Sage Salt Rod

The team at Sage understands the kind of intense pressure saltwater fishing puts on fly rod performance. This fall, to meet the incredibly diverse range of casting demands in saltwater angling, Sage introduces the SALT. Using Konnetic Technology®, Sage created the SALT to load quickly as well as maintain high line speeds and accuracy to… [Click Here to Read More]

Winston Nexus Fly Rod

Stillwater Fly Shop is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Winston Nexus fly rod. This is Winston’s revolutionary new light all-graphite smooth action, premium rod series. These fantastic new high performance deep-black fly rods redefine the high modulus all-graphite rod category with an innovative new fast action combining Winston’s legendary ultra- smooth Winston action… [Click Here to Read More]

sage accel rod

Bainbridge Island, Wash. – Renowned fly rod manufacturer, Sage, brings medium-fast action single-hand, switch and two-hand fly rods to the market with the ACCEL series by reinventing proven Generation 5 technology. “Adding a graphite hoop core and axial fiber material in the new Generation 5 technology allowed for a lighter, ultra-responsive, and livelier blank with… [Click Here to Read More]

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You can read part 1 of Agostino's fishing adventure right here. The next morning I gladly woke the others at 5am with my personal rendition of “I’m Too Sexy for my Shirt”. Grumblings from the bedrooms slowly turned into rumblings and we met in the kitchen for breakfast. But even my amazing voice (note the… [Click Here to Read More]

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Prologue Agostino is a resident of Johannesburg, South Africa as well as a long time, devoted customer and an avid fly fisherman.  He is a member of the Wind Knot Fly Fishing and Conservation Club.  Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of speaking with Agostino via phone at least once… [Click Here to Read More]

Sitka ESW Jacket

Sitka has released several new products for 2014, as well as overhauling several others - let's take a look. New for 2014: The Grinder Pant. Not all waterfowl hunting happens in miserable conditions - sometimes the sun is out and the temperatures are up. Don’t be left sweating it out in your late season Sitka Bibs built… [Click Here to Read More]

SharkWave Graphic

Ouch! We had a love hate relationship with the Sharkskin Fly Line, but not anymore. When Scientific Angler introduced the Sharkskin™ family of lines in 2007, they weren’t simply the latest in a long line of high-quality innovations. The Sharkskin created an entirely new category of product: textured fly lines. These lines, developed and manufactured… [Click Here to Read More]