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Half Of A Fly Fishing Summer In Pictures

Fly fisherman looking at a summer sunset

Summer is a time of fleeting moments for all fly fishermen. The finite days of sun that define a season of dry flies, feeding fish and wet its course so rapidly that halfway through it is time to take stock. There have been tarpon and trout pursued in magical places. New fly rods and used [click here to read more]


Loren And Moraine Creek

moraine creek

The wind had battered the Cessna 207 like a tennis ball at Wimbledon for the entire nine minute flight to the river. Wind was rarely a safety issue, the nervous fly fishermen in front of me who gasped and grasped with every bump and thump of each gust always seemed to think differently. That day’s [click here to read more]


10 Ways To Improve Your Dry Fly Fishing

IMG_2729 (1)

Fly fishermen tend to subject themselves to the most self-imposed mental angst over things that they have little to no control over. The weather, water flows, travel plans and the number of other anglers on the water are just a few of the insipid factors that torment many anglers. Days, and even weeks, before they [click here to read more]

man standing in the deschutes river fight a trout

Disagreements over what is the perfect rod for European nymphing, Czech nymphing or any type of advanced nymphing (whatever “advanced nymphing” is) have raged since anglers figured out that fish feed under the surface of the water 80% of the time. There have been literally hundreds of rods designed specifically for nymphing. Most have been [click here to read more]

A man wading in a small stream as he fly fishes for trout.

Everyone needs to take a breather from time to time, and fish are no different. Just as you might rest a moment during a long hike, fish take shelter from the quicker currents alongside midstream rocks. That’s why when you're fly fishing, you need skill and technique to effectively present flies to fish that may be [click here to read more]

pic 2

How many times have you lost your footing or slipped your grip when reeling in a big fish? No one ever wants to tell the story about “the one that got away,” so it’s essential that you’re prepared with more than muscle alone — you’ve got to have the right skills and technique to bring [click here to read more]

Sara bow

As Stillwater Simplified continues to grow in popularity with anglers and non-anglers around the world we thought it would be a great idea to give our fans a list of our most read posts. Fly fishing is a sport that has a myriad of different facets that draw people to it for various reasons. When [click here to read more]

The most special fish ever

Fly fishermen want to catch fish. This is the essence of the entire sport. Take the love of gear, entomology, casting 47 different ways, tying flies and adventure and mix them into a big pot and you are left with an elixir that is supposed to elicit success and joy on the water. Unfortunately enough [click here to read more]

Moraine Creek Alaska

continued from Part I Slogging back upstream to Tim and Mike after getting Brooke lined out I thought to myself; "Maybe there is a Grayling down there that will eat." I turned around about 40' or so below Mike and watched her fish for awhile. Her casting had gotten better but her indicator looked like [click here to read more]

Three men fishing in Moraine Creek in Alaska

Alaska is a land of many dreams, some broken and some achieved after years of great dedication and sacrifice. However, sacrifice and dedication will not be mentioned again in this tale of a big Rainbow, a skinny girl and the worst dead drift ever to catch a trout. The sad truth of this story is [click here to read more]