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Sage Accel Fly Rod

Fly fishing gear and I have a love hate relationship. I find a rod, reel or whatever that I like and I stick with it. My infatuation with my old Sage 490-LL that is 25 years old and the Ross Gunnison (original) that rides the old Sage’s reel seat is a prime example of my… [Click Here to Read More]

A four piece Scott Meridian Fly Rod

    When fishing tropical saltwater locations or when a fast action rod is required. Combating the winds while casting larger flies coupled with the need send long casts to the target is paramount. Sometimes fly fishermen have to compromise by using a fast and stiff rods. Fly rods with good feel and accuracy are… [Click Here to Read More]

A distorted view of a fly fishing guide with a client standing a stream behind some South American Lupine flowers

I am surprised the term “pretentious” in Webster’s Dictionary isn’t accompanied by a picture of a fly fisherman. Battling this stereotype has become my personal windmill to joust here at Stillwater Fly Shop. Unfortunately there are some writers and “old school” anglers who perpetuate this ideal . Fighting the derision already held by many spin… [Click Here to Read More]

Trout Love Whitey Omelettes!!

Very fat rainbow trout lying next to a Sage fly rod with a bead in its mouth.

Many fly fishermen think of Mountain Whitefish as a nuisance, even the crew at Stillwater does sometimes. If you have ever guided you think of them as your best friend on those days when catching a trout is tough. But in the early months of winter anglers should remember that they provide hungry trout with a major… [Click Here to Read More]

Two men fly fishing for steelhead with G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods

Spey rods are hard to figure out for most people. Given the order to cast and fish a couple of G. Loomis NRX Two Hand Rods by the boss made me a bit uneasy.  Because I am like most anglers, a creature of habit and prejudices, I didn't even really want to try out these rods. The… [Click Here to Read More]

The old Troy bridge at the confluence of the Wenaha and Grande Ronde Rivers

Cottonwood leaves were falling gently onto the gravel bar as I made my way up to the head of the run. As I waded into the water I glanced downstream. Noticing how the old Troy bridge framed the scene of my father as he worked the lower end of the run in fall light like… [Click Here to Read More]

Steelhead fishing in a shallow riffle on the Grande Ronde river.

"Steelhead" is a word of almost mystic significance to fly fishermen. These special fish have held sway over the majority of my life. Excluding my years chasing a diploma far away from my home waters, Even after all the time that has passed and forgotten fish that have been landed, I still remember the first… [Click Here to Read More]

Man in float tube fly fishing with a large trout in a net.

Yesterday Stu, Paul and I were kicking around in the back of the shop at Stillwater talking about work stuff. Typically these conversations devolve into a fishing story or a football story this time of year. After about five minutes of talking about inventory and products and this and that, Paul brought up the time… [Click Here to Read More]

Choosing the Right Fishing Pack

Fly fisherman casting with an Umpqua Hip Pack.

Picking a fishing pack can as daunting as buying a new car. The fly fisherman has many different makes, models, sizes and carrying positions of packs from which to choose. We always ask: Where do you want to have your weight distributed?…Front, Back, Hip, or Sling Ease of accessing your gear. Chest packs are much… [Click Here to Read More]

Taking a Friend Fly Fishing – Part II

Two men kneeling with two Rainbow trout

Here is Part I if you missed it We had never been nothing more than beer buddies. I had met Greg in the early 90’s at the local pub and I would bump into him here and there around town. This was the most time I had ever spent with him one on one. I had… [Click Here to Read More]