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man tying on a fly while sitting in a drift boat

We are guilty of doing silly things on and off of the water. I fish with lots of different people, some very experienced and some not. My assortment of fishing companions exhibit a commonality of head scratching goofy habits that make me wonder how they get along in the modern world. I am as guilty [click here to read more]

Jumping tarpon

Fly fishermen, particularly ones new to the sport, seem to ask; "Does tippet matter? Fluoro or mono? When, where and why? Test and diameter?” I have been involved in arguments, for and against, that have gone on well past the bottle being empty. Stated simply, both have their time and place of use. Sometimes they [click here to read more]

A pair of spawning Brown trout

There has been a disturbing trend lately of posts, pictures and mentions of people fishing to trout that are lying on redds and how to do it effectively. The average knucklehead knows how easy it is to catch a trout in the throes of passion. Unfortunately, spawning season is seen by some fishermen as a [click here to read more]

Douglas Sky Series Bonefis

Douglas Outdoors has put a new rod at the top of my fly fishing gear wish list. The crew at Stillwater Fly Shop tested three of the new Douglas Sky Series rods this morning the second they arrived. After hearing how the Sky rods performed recently in the Bahamas from George Anderson we couldn’t wait [click here to read more]

The Galvan Brookie with a Winston GVX fly rod

The advent of the disc drag in fly reels changed how anglers fished forever. There was no more need to palm the reel. The days of the archaic spring and pawl fly reel screaming out of control succumbed to technology, coming to an inglorious end. The same technology that brought about a polar shift in [click here to read more]

Stillwater Fly Fishing The Mighty Chironomid

The top fly of my daisy chain of chironomids is the wild card. If I am fishing in over 12’ of water it will be a #14 bronze or brown Sno Cone. The fly will usually have some sort of flashy material tied into the body to give it the glow naturals have as the [click here to read more]

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Stillwater Fishing the Mighty Midge..Part I

Large Rainbow Trout Caugh on a Chironomid

Bobbers and chironomids on stillwater can make for an epically successful or epically boring day of trout fishing.  Staring at an unmoving indicator as the sun beats down, slowly roasting you in the middle of a lake is no fun. I have been there and probably you have been there also if you have fished [click here to read more]


  Fly Fishing Is Addictive: Why It’s a Good Thing The short answer is: fly fishing is good for you, good for the world, and it makes everyone a better human being. Not buying it? Keep reading. As you know, addictions are generally bad. And make no mistake, fly fishing can be very addictive—but in [click here to read more]


Learning to Share…part II

A man swinging for steelhead on the Grande Ronde River

Turning towards the river’s edge behind me, I starting wading in as I retrieved my line so rapidly my reel sounded like a warning siren. The shrieking sound, reminiscent of a World War II air raid siren, was drowning out the sound that the water made as I pushed it out of my way. I [click here to read more]

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Learning to Share..Part I

A happy little guy from Wisconsin steelhead fishing

The Free Masons have nothing on many fly fishermen when it comes to ritual and secrecy. The 17th level Grand Royal Poobah Caddis Caster tends to wear this self-anointed title with a customary frown and a fiery glow of standoffish contempt in his eyes. If you dare walk by him on a trail or see [click here to read more]

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