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How To Pick A Fly Fishing Buddy

Two fly fishermen standing in the Kulik river with a moose in front of them

Fly fishing is the joyful enigma of an outdoor pursuits. There are so many esoteric nuances, large and small, that anglers must master to be happy and successful in their piscatorial pursuits. Fly selection, casting and selecting the proper fly rod, reel and fly line combination are the obvious skills that most fly fishermen become [click here to read more]


A Basic Guide To Selecting A Fly Reel

Two fly rods with fly reels lying on a bedrock

If you ask most fly fishermen how they choose their rods, reels and fly lines they will usually give you one of two answers. “My dad uses or used this brand” or “My friends use this brand” are by far the most common ways that someone comes to be a loyal customer of a reel [click here to read more]


4 Things You Can Do For Your Fishery

A nice rainbow trout in a net

Perception of fly fishermen by the rest of the sporting world is loosely based on stereotypes and mythos. The days of the old man in a tweed hat standing knee deep in a Montana stream daintily casting a butt-heavy chunk of bamboo have gone the way of the wicker creel and Howard Johnson’s. There are [click here to read more]

Father and daughter fly fishing in the snow in a black and white photo. they are on a river.

It is a sad fact of my life that my closest, longest lasting personal relationship has been with my Simms G3 Guide Jacket. This statement is a sad testament of a life that has been fortunate enough to spend more time being pelted by the rain in Alaska, blown over by the winds of Chile [click here to read more]

Eric Neufeld, Northwest Winston Rep. Introduces The New Winston AIR Fly Rod

Eric Neufeld, the northwest representative for  the R.L Winston Fly Rod Company and Umpqua Feather Merchants, was kind enough to stop by Stillwater Fly Shop and tell us about some of the new gear that is out there for our fly fishing customers. The impressive Winston Air Fly Rod stole the show for sure. We [click here to read more]


Winston Air Fly Rod Review From Stillwater Fly Shop

a fly fisherman's hand hold a Winston AIR Fly Rod

Winston has built a fly rod so light that it is appropriately named the AIR. Fly fishermen across the globe know the R. L. Winston Rod Co. isn’t like most other fly fishing gear manufacturers. The Winston AIR fly rod series solidifies the little company from Twin Bridges, Montana as the leading builder of innovatively [click here to read more]

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Recently I went fishing for the first time with an old friend who has just recently gotten into fly fishing. After his first time with a fly rod in his hand he was hooked on the sport. He was so enamored that he dove into the deep end of the pool without dipping his toes [click here to read more]


A Year With Ross Reel’s Animas Fly Reel

A Ross Reels Black Animas Fly Reel

When Ross Reel's Animas was introduced in 2015 I was more than curious about how it would fish compared to the classic Ross reels that I have owned over the years. I purchased my first Ross Gunnison Fly Reel over half a lifetime ago and have since acquired four more over the last 25 years [click here to read more]


Probably the most asked question we get these days is; “What is a great fly rod for a price that won’t drain my bank account?” So the crew at Stillwater got together and cast several rods, well more than several, that fall into the mid-priced range that lies between $395 and $495. At the end [click here to read more]

A Black Nautilus X Series Fly Reel

Nautilus has given us some of the best fly reels ever. The Nautilus X Series reels arrived onto the fishing scene with more mystique and hoopla than Prince Harry’s first baby after winning the 2015 IFTD/IFTA Best Of Show Fly Reel. This mid-priced, fully machined aluminum fly reel with its SCF-Teflon fully sealed drag has exceeded [click here to read more]

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