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Two fly rods and reels in the grass

Fly fisher people are creatures of habit. This trait makes most anglers extremely brand loyal, sometimes to a point of extreme ridiculousness. I have seen fishermen virtually come to blows streamside because of brand sensativity, once having to step between two guys in their late 60’s. One client had just broken his rod. I am sure his rod had a [click here to read more]

Stylized picture of a guide guiding a woman fly angler.

It is soon going to be time to get rid of the old floating fly line that you have been patiently fishing. Watching your #22 Griffith’s Gnat slowly pulled under the surface by a line that has become an intermediate sinking line can be frustrating.  So here are a few suggestions for new floating lines [click here to read more]

A fly fisherman walking on a snowy river bank.

Vibram Soled Wading Boots – Walking through the snow with felt soled boots after getting them wet sucks! Unless you like walking on the equivalent of icy stilts or clicking your heels together like Dorothy to knock the ice off every other step then stick with the felt. Otherwise take a look at some Simms [click here to read more]

The Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

This recall applies to the Size V Only So the release will be delayed for a month or two while Orvis fixes the issue. The Orvis commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount to their company. The flaw is very minor in the Hydros SL but Orvis has chosen to postpone the long awaited [click here to read more]


One Brief Moment

A fly fisherman standing at the head of a run on the North Umpqua River.

Guest Post by Josh McCullough The sights looked similar from most places I had been to, yet they were unique in their own way. There were pine trees, grown to tremendous heights with their dry, dead needles fallen and scattered on the shoulders of the lightly beaten roads. In the air I could feel the [click here to read more]

A woman fly angler with an Atlantic Salmon kneeling in a river with her Spey rod balanced on her shoulders

We would like to thank all of the 150+ entrants for the wonderful photos. Be sure to follow Stillwater Fly Shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for information on our next photo contest. Thanks once again to all of our friends and customers for participating. We value everyone of you and hope that the [click here to read more]


Treat Your Fish How You Want To Be Treated

Large Rainbow trout lying on its side in shallow water being measured

We have all been guilty of dropping a fish. Fly fishermen tend to be more careful with fish because of the high level of conservation that is a cornerstone of the sport. Sometimes the poor Rainbow, Red fish, steelhead or whatever it is gets lucky and actually lands in the water. More often, the poor [click here to read more]

A de Havilland Beaver float plane

January at Stillwater Fly Shop is the month of dreaming about huge Tarpon in Florida and giant Rainbows in Alaska while it dumps snow outside our world headquarters. Everyone has their dream spot to go cast a line, often times drifting off to sleep with visions of sandy saltwater flats or dry flies drifting through [click here to read more]

Large Rainbow trout with a salmon fry pattern in its mouth.

Do you fly fish in a stream that has Kokanee or Sockeye salmon spawn in it? Are you going to Alaska in June? If you answered yes to either question then you should be prepared to fish fry patterns. Using these little feather and fur representations of tiny fish can be highly effective and frustrating [click here to read more]

30 inch Rainbow trout from Crane Prairie

Why write about the Galvan Torque? It has been around forever, at least forever in the fly fishing world (it was introduced in 2004). Longevity alone would make me want to tell anglers about the reel that has become a must have for both freshwater and saltwater fly fishermen. But there is so much more [click here to read more]