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Sara bow

As Stillwater Simplified continues to grow in popularity with anglers and non-anglers around the world we thought it would be a great idea to give our fans a list of our most read posts. Fly fishing is a sport that has a myriad of different facets that draw people to it for various reasons. When [click here to read more]

The most special fish ever

Fly fishermen want to catch fish. This is the essence of the entire sport. Take the love of gear, entomology, casting 47 different ways, tying flies and adventure and mix them into a big pot and you are left with an elixir that is supposed to elicit success and joy on the water. Unfortunately enough [click here to read more]

Moraine Creek Alaska

continued from Part I Slogging back upstream to Tim and Mike after getting Brooke lined out I thought to myself; "Maybe there is a Grayling down there that will eat." I turned around about 40' or so below Mike and watched her fish for awhile. Her casting had gotten better but her indicator looked like [click here to read more]

Three men fishing in Moraine Creek in Alaska

Alaska is a land of many dreams, some broken and some achieved after years of great dedication and sacrifice. However, sacrifice and dedication will not be mentioned again in this tale of a big Rainbow, a skinny girl and the worst dead drift ever to catch a trout. The sad truth of this story is [click here to read more]

how is a nymph

If only getting a nymph right in front of a trout’s nose was as simple as sinking it, right? Many fishermen claim to have fool-proof strategies for getting the fly down to the fish, but we all know that varied weights and water conditions affect where trout bite and how eager they are to take [click here to read more]

Four fly fishermen laid out on a raft that is parked on a gravel bar in Alaska.

Fishing guides can get somewhat surly after an endless summer or fall of wading or rowing. Long days being battered by the elements, tough fishing or even tougher clients can literally suck the life-force from a guide’s body. What suffers even more as a season progresses is the guide’s psyche. Time starts passing slower and [click here to read more]

Good Night Cast

Do you like reading about fly fishing? Does the latest gear or technique pique your interest? Have you given up trying to find out about the latest techniques, gear, destinations or stories on the interweb because of the jumble of useless information that has invaded the digital world? Me too! Unfortunately; the web is full of [click here to read more]

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A white pickup half under water with men standing around it

Boat ramps seem to be the migratory gathering places of a subspecies of human that by some flaw in Darwin’s Theory have managed to survive and propagate. This special breed of human stokes a cauldron of confusion, anger and ignorance that almost always boils over on most ramps. Impossible to discern after infiltrating groups of [click here to read more]

Woman and man holding a large Brown trout in an Icelandic river.

Simply touching these sumptuously crafted reels, most anglers can tell that they are cradling a reel like none other. Designed originally for pursuing Atlantic Salmon through the volcanic fjords of Iceland, the Einarsson Plus reels were soon being coveted by discerning fly fishermen throughout the world for other freshwater and saltwater species of fish. Now [click here to read more]


How Worms Made Me A Fly Fisherman part II

Stream running through a mountain canyon

The Adams was freed from the plastic packaging that was labeled “Two Dozen of the Best Trout Flies Ever.” There was a smattering of fluorescent streamers, random nymphs and dries with hackles resembling afros for the bargain price of $3.99. It didn’t matter what they were really, because I only knew the names of two [click here to read more]

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