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So You Went Bonefishing.. Part 2

A boat on the smooth ocean with schools of bonefish swimming by

The day was balmy with a slight onshore breeze. You could cast where the guide told you the fish were almost effortlessly. Conditions were perfect, so perfect in fact that you could even see the dark shadows that were gliding across the white sand bottom. The Scott Meridian performed flawlessly, shooting that new Rio Bonefish… [Click Here to Read More]

So You Want to Go Bonefishing.. Part 1

Hooked up with a fly to a bonefish that was with a multitude of bones.

So you are going fly fishing for Bonefish for the first time. You have been fly fishing for years, dry flies, nymphs and streamers are your tools. Trout, steelhead, and bass fear your every cast. The flats will be the domain that you will conquer like Genghis Khan rolling across Asia. Then you arrive in the land of warm… [Click Here to Read More]

Streamer Time for Brown Trout!

Large Brown trout being held up.

As fall settles onto the top half of the planet there is a sudden angst that rushes through most anglers’ veins. Fly fishermen know that the window is opening on some great opportunities that will only last for a short amount of time. Streamer fishing for large, surly Brown trout in the fall is one… [Click Here to Read More]

Sage Circa Fly Rod is On the Rise

Sage Circa 890-4 in Tea Green

One of my favorite rods for dry fly fishing is a very old Sage Graphite III 490 Light Line. It is impossible for me to not compare slower action rods to this old Sage (pardon the pun) since it is my bellwether rod.  After testing the Sage Circa, there is now a challenger to leader… [Click Here to Read More]

Einarsson Reels are avaialble at Stillwater Fly Shop.

When I held an Einarsson fly reel for the first time I am sure I smiled a bit. Holding one of the reels crafted in Steingrimur Einarsson’s vision is a joy, I can attest to this. Simply touching these sumptuously crafted reels, most anglers can tell that they are cradling a reel like none other… [Click Here to Read More]

A fly fisherman standing waste deep in a river casting a two-handed rod for steelhead.

The frosty mornings of Fall signal an insatiable urge in many fly fishermen (including us here at Stillwater Fly Shop) to awaken. Steelhead instinctively are currently migrating to the river of their birth. These mythical fish bring dreams, hopes and confusion with them as they arrive in such revered rivers as the Ho, Bulkley and The… [Click Here to Read More]

Sage Mod 1

With the completion of the European EFTTEX Show it is now time to provide an initial introduction to the new Sage Rods for 2016.  At the National Sales meeting in early June, we had the opportunity to view and cast all of these fine new fly rods. Below, please find a series of short introductions… [Click Here to Read More]

8 Ingredients of a Fly Rod

8 ingredients 1

Raging River Sales, our Echo, Airflo, Nautilus and Simms representatives, sent out an email blast the other day.  The gist of the email blast, amongst other things was a video involving Tim Rajeff describing the “8 key ingredients that make up a fly rod”.  This video was so well done and so to the point… [Click Here to Read More]

cheeky reel

The story of Cheeky Reels involves three friends in Boston who were looking for something new in fly fishing and in life. Tired of the corporate rat race and of boring looking reels, Scott, Peter and Ted set out in 2009 to shake up the reel industry. It took 2 years for them to design… [Click Here to Read More]

DXF Fly Rod

The new Douglas DXF Fly Rod has won this year's Fly Fusion Editor's Choice Newcomer Award! A big congrats to Douglas! You can read more about the Douglas fly rods and reels on our site. About Douglas: Douglas Outdoors evolved by bringing together experienced practitioners to create a fresh legacy of innovative rods and reels. Their… [Click Here to Read More]