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The Steelhead That Kept Me In College

Clearwater River

The AM radio crackled in from Boise as the steam from the coffee rose into the predawn hues of blues and grays that painted the inside of the cab of my old 56 Chevy pickup. River sounds were mixing with the wake-up calls from chukars, softly seeping through the gap in the side window that [click here to read more]

Huge mayfly hatch in a glorious summer sunset

Late summer is a confounding time for most fly fishermen who chase trout in lakes and rivers. The water tends to be low, clear and warmer, which doesn’t make for the best fishing or catching conditions. On top of this, the poor fish have be pounded on all summer by us as we flog the water [click here to read more]

George Cook introducing the Sage X fly rod for Stillwater Fly Shop

Sage and Redington have introduced three new rods this fall. All three are innovative fly rods that have something for every angler. We could have reviewed each one separately, instead George Cook the representative for both Sage and Redington in the northwestern United States took a few minutes to tell us about these fly rods. Sit [click here to read more]


6 Myths Of Fly Fishing


Fly fishing is steeped in tradition and secrecy stirred together in a small pot of self-righteousness. Between the superstitions and misinformation, lies the bare essence of the sport that has befuddled so many anglers since Izaac picked up his first angle. Casting through the shadows(so to speak) to dispel some of the myths that have [click here to read more]


Simms Large Waypoint Sling Pack Review


Honestly, I have never been a fly fishing pack guy. I have had chest packs, hip packs, back packs and any most many other gear carrying device that has been conceived. Usually I just jam some tippet and boxes into my Guide Jacket or fishing shirt and call it good. This all changed when I [click here to read more]

On the way to the lodge from Chaiten

For that moment I had forgotten that I was several thousand miles from Oregon. I could have been anywhere there are trout that rise to dry flies. My universe had been reduced to a stream and a feeding fish. There was nothing more important than the brown trout a few yards away, not a worry [click here to read more]

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After the previous winter of freezing as clients Spey cast their flies into the back of my head, the idea of reversing the seasons by guiding in Chile was quite appealing. Unfortunately I am old enough that when I started looking for South American employment the incursion of North Americans into the Andes in search [click here to read more]


Fly Fishing, UPF And Why It Matters

Angler holding a small bonefish in the bow of a boat.

Fly fishing has very few dangers. The occasional poke by a hook, slipping and falling into the river or a mosquito bite here or there seem to be the most common pitfalls the average angler experiences on the water. However; the most dangerous thing that is faced by fishermen on a daily basis is overhead [click here to read more]

Two men and a guide fly fishing out of a drift boat

– Whether on the lake, river or to some extent the flats the most seasoned fly fisherman will get excited or just forget and start casting the length of the boat. It is ironic that when angler violates this rule with say, #20 midge on his 3wt Orvis Superfine rod, no one ever gets hooked [click here to read more]


Half Of A Fly Fishing Summer In Pictures

Fly fisherman looking at a summer sunset

Summer is a time of fleeting moments for all fly fishermen. The finite days of sun that define a season of dry flies, feeding fish and wet its course so rapidly that halfway through it is time to take stock. There have been tarpon and trout pursued in magical places. New fly rods and used [click here to read more]